Hello Armando,
well, as we sit here and reflect on the day you provided for us, there is not enough gratitude to go around. My Sydney ran to her journal the minute we got home and tried to write down all you said, and Emily never stopped talking.
As for me, you changed and enhanced my curriculum beyond words. My gratitude is far deeper. Claude talked of how his history knowledge was all tied together for him now.
Armando, you showed us an amazing day, but the memories and knowledge you imprinted on my family will last a lifetime.

With deepest regards,
Kimberly/Claude/Sydney and Emily.


Thank you, Armando,

for the epic tour of Chianti! We had an excellent tour with Christina at Casaloste followed by a beautiful & delicious lunch at Castillo di Verrazzano. Armando gave us great options: we wanted a very picturesque vineyard to visit if we could not travel all the way to San Gimignano, and he delivered with Vignamaggio, birthplace of Lisa del Giocondo, the Mona Lisa. Beautiful!

Stephanie Rasley


Thank you Armando for the Florence tour!
A great guide. Very experienced and knowledgeable. There was excellent flow to the tour and it was well paced. He gave context and description that helped us learn why a piece was important as well as understand the aesthetic beauty.

Leonard Martinelli


Our Siena-SanGimignano tour was wonderful- thoroughly enjoyed it, Armando was very knowledgeable and we were glad we spent the day the way we did Highest rating!

Beth Buck

Armando was punctual, polite and well prepared. He knew well about Leonardo and the Vinci locale and museum. We toured the various parts of the museum with helpful information from the guide. We saw all the local important sites and visited the awesome reproduction museum. Our lunch break was welcome and in a quaint local place of modest cost. The transportation back to our room was comfortable and efficient. The cost of this excursion for us (only two) seemed a bit high, but the value was there.

Wanda W Gaddis


Great Pisa and Lucca tour and wonderful guide. A wealth of knowledge with Armando guiding you as he patiently answers all your questions and even those you haven’t thought of yet!! Adjusts pace to yours and is kind and personable. Highly recommend! We’ll miss you Armando!

Jakie Praw


Very knowledgable about the history of Florence and passionate about the artworks he showed us. Very well organized, giving us a historical framework before we entered the sites. True professional and very courteous.

Mary Tantillo


Ciao, Armando!
We have arrived home and are finally able to write to you after our wonderful holiday in Italy. We have fondly thought of you often and the absolutely wonderful and informative personal tour of Florence on Tues Sept. 20th. Your knowledge and passion for the beautiful artwork and artists is astounding. We felt as though we were receiving an indepth art history course at your expert hands. Even more important was the way you made us feel special, making sure you kept pace with us and what we were particulary interested in. We felt at the tours end like we were leaving a dear friend. That said, we once again would be honored to host you and your wife in our home should you decide to visit the San Francisco Bay Area of California. You are a very kind and considerate and your vast knowledge of art is impressive. We were greatly pleased with your companionship and guided tour of Florence

We hope to hear from you again and have recommended you to many of our friends!


Lea and Phil Kagel


Hello Armando,

This is just a short note to thank you for the private tour of the Vatican. It was amazing. Your knowledge of Rome and Vatican history was truly impressive. Susan & I enjoyed meeting you and spending time with you. You made our visit to Rome and the Vatican very enjoyable. Also, I want to thank you for getting Susan and I safely back to the hotel via the subway. You didn’t have to do that but we surely appreciate the extra effort to do so. Our dinner at Mimmo’s that evening was terrific. Thank you for arranging it for us. We enjoyed great food, warm and friendly atmosphere plus really nice people. Thanks again Armando. You’re the best. I’ll be sure to recommend your services to my friends traveling to Rome. All the best to you and your family.

Mark Guyette


Dear Signor Armando,

I’m sorry it has taken me a couple of weeks to write, been very busy catching up at work and trying to get all the photos and movies from the trip together.
First I want to say our Mediterranean Cruise was great, and going with your tours was the best part of the trip. Thanks to you, we all have very great memories that will be with us for a life time. It all was so great I do not believe I can pick out a true favorite point unless it was seeing the Pope.
I will have to say going with a private tour is the only way to go, but people need to make sure they use a company like yours that provides both a driver and a tour guide. The way the two work together makes for a much better experience, and gives you the maximum tour for the dollar. The small bus gets closer to the areas for drop off, picks you up at different exit points, the tour guide adjust the day to meet your person needs, and provides easy access through the maze of people and gates. This means less walking, more site seeing, and going where you want.
In the future if you need a reference please feel free to use this letter and if requested you may provide my public e-mail address (MDR5300@yahoo.com) to individuals.
You were so personal, had a wealth of information, could read the group and hold our interest. We could tell you loved sharing your knowledge of Tuscany with all of us, and by the end of the day we all felt we were saying good bye to a family member.

Thank you very much; I’m looking forward to next year!

Michael Rexroad
Good morning Armando,

Steven and I wanted to thank you so much for making our recent trip to Florence so very memorable. Your knowledge and your expertise in guiding us through the rich history of Florence was so inspiring. We will have fond memories of our trip to Italy and you will be an important part of those memories. Many thanks again with our appreciation,

Steven and Sue Hurley


Dear Armando,

I apologize taking so long to write but life has been very hectic since returning from our trip.

On behalf of the entire group, I want to thank you for making our visit to Rome so meaningful, informative and, despite the intense heat and crowds, so pleasant.  You were able to enchant my teenage sons and my parents alike–no easy accomplishment!  Having the head phones was a great idea and made it so much easier for my parents who sometimes had to lag back a little because of the heat and my mother’s knees.  I think the itinerary we covered was just about right too–and I am so glad we included the Pantheon–I am still in awe of seeing it again and I think the entire group felt the same way.  So please feel free to use me as a recommendation.  I will also advise our Sony office in Rome that if they need a guide for someone, they need look no further.

All the best, Ciao!

Gary Hirsch

Dear Armando,

We all just wanted to thank you sincerely for the fabulous trip to Rome that you gave us!
Teddy and J.R. can not stop talking and laughing about that trip! They looked at all of the pictures
over and over today. They thought it was the best trip of their lives and I promised them we’d go back
next year.
Armando, I am sure that it was not an easy task to create 4 perfect days for 2 40+ year olds, 2 kids under 10 and their Grandfather
who thinks he’s 25. You somehow kept the kids interested at the Vatican for 3 hours, kept our Dad intrigued at Gladiator School and kept Uncle Kevin laughing, all the way! You made it so interesting and fun for each and every one of us. And you took us to the best restaurants in the world!
We all had a wonderful time in your company and we are truly grateful for what turned out to be an amazing trip to Rome!
You taught us all so much and did it in a fun and interesting way! You truly enriched our lives with your guided tour of Rome.
We look forward to one day returning the favor and in the meantime, we will be booking next March as soon as I get the kids’
school calendar!

All of our Gratitude,

Meaghan, Teddy and J.R.

Dear Armando,

Thank you for the wonderful and informative guided tours that you provided of the Vatican City, the Roman Forum, the Borghese Museum and all of the other places that you showed us while we were in Rome. The tours were an ideal way for us to experience some of the most important aspects of the city, allowing us to explore other churches and monuments on our own at a leisurely pace. We will recommend you to our friends when they travel to Rome, and please do not hesitate to use us for a reference. If you or any member of your family travels to Boston, please look us up.

Steven & Leanne Galante
Hi Armando

Thanks so much for the last couple of days in Florence and Lucca . The group really loved
your tours. Thanks so much. See you next year.




Just wanted to thank you so very much for your services to my clients, the Hancock family, on June 24 and June 25. They spoke so very highly of you and your tours and how awesome you were — they rated you “excellent”. Debbie Gibbons told me how great you are, but it’s always good to hear that direct from the client.

Thank you again so very much! Next time I need your services, I promise I won’t be such a pest to you!

Angela Lattanzio



I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful tour in Rome. You were a fountain of information and made everything so very interesting for all of us! We also appreciated your help in arranging transportation to the airport. I will definitely recommend your services to our family and friends!

Take care and thank you again.

Mimi Colaprete


Vogliamo dire grazie per tutti!! Mio marito e anche suo amico, Andrew; hanno detto a fantastico!!
Grazie mille!
Dena DiSarro



We had the best time with you in Tuscany. Stay in touch. We will send pictures.

Paulo and Tiffany


Thank you for showing our friends the Spiro’s around your beautiful country last year. They enjoyed themselves very much and appreciated the recommendation.

I don’t expect you to remember our family but we so enjoyed our tour with you and have recommended you to so many many people traveling to Rome, Florence and Tuscany.

Thank you so very much.
Fondly, Deb Stetina


Ciao Armando!

My friend Manon called to say what a great time they had with you on the tour of Rome. Bob and I are heading to Venice next Tuesday. Can possibly recommend a colleague there for similar tours and services to yours? Mille Grazie Lei!

Mary and Bob Davenport


Hi Armando,

Thank you for a wonderful guided tour of Vatican in August. We really enjoyed it and also learned so much from our tour!! We have very close friends who are visiting Rome beginning of Sept. 28th and they would like to see if you would be available to give them a guided tour. Their names are Kevin and Joanne, they will be contacting you soon and see if you would be available. Thanks again for a beautiful tour of Vatican.


Paula Machlin
Ciao Armando,

We had such a wonderful time with you in Rome and Tuscany last year. It was great that Barbara recommended you to us. Our visit would not have been the same.
We wanted to touch base with you for two reasons. First, we have recommended you to friends of our who will be visiting Rome early September. You may be hearing form Tom Silberstein. He and his wife, Elizabeth, are great friends of ours and fun people. I mentioned the tours we had with you, and they were very interested. Hopefully it all works out.
Second, we are headed to Venice late September, and wanted to see if you could recommend a colleague for a similar tour there.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and Ciao!

Bob and Mary Davenport

We really enjoyed the two tours you provided for us on Saturday and Sunday.

We were not able to purchase a copy of the book you used to show us how some of the antiquities there looked during the time of ancient Rome. As I recall, it was called Rome: Then and Now or something like that. I’ve looked on the web to buy one, and am finding several different books with this or similar title. Would you mind replying to this email with the exact title and author of this book?

Thanks again,

Mark Ainsworth
Hello Armando,

I was referred to you by Ina Perry, who just returned from a cruise to the Mediterranean and had wonderful things to say about the service and experience your company provided her and her group. I will be traveling with my family, our group will consist of 5 young, active adults, and we will be arriving in Civitavecchia on 19 July. We are interested in making arrangements for transportation and for a tour of Rome. Although there might not be time for all of this, we are interested in visiting the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon, the Vittoriano and the Colosseum. Again, we are all young and can handle a fast pace. ; ) Please let me know if it would be possible to arrange for a tour with your company.

Thank you -Alfredo Romero
Dear Armando,

I received your email from my sister who had heard incredible things about you from friends. I am going to be traveling to Florence with my husband and 3 children on July 30 and 31st and I was hoping that you might be available to schedule a private tour.

I know that I am extremely late planning my itinerary and I am sorry for that. Please let me know if this would be a possibility.

Thanks so much.

Susanne Hurowitz

Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed both our tours in Rome. Gianpaulo (spelling??) did an excellent tour of Ancient Rome and Valeria was excellent in the Vatican as well.

I will definitely keep your information on file for anyone I know who will be coming to Rome.

Thanks again,

Barbara Laymon
Hi Armando,

Wanted to thank you again for a wonderful tour of Siena and Sangimignano. We are back home now, had a wonderful vacation.

Many thanks again for everything!


Ina Perry
Hi Armando,

Thank you so much for the last 2 days. Your insight and knowledge really made the touring experience so interesting.
If and when we have friends coming to Rome/Florence we will definitely recommend you.

Thanks again and take care,


things have been crazy since we returned home, David separated his shoulder and had a birthday party for a million, but I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we appreciated our time with you during our visit to Rome.  The cruise was lovely but Rome and Venice were the best.

Many thanks,  Janet Lin.
P.S. if you ever journey here, please let us know.  We would love to show you San Francisco.



I just wanted to write and say thank you for a great tour of Rome.  Rena and the boys really enjoyed our time together and the dinner recommendations.  Thanks again for making our vacation much more memorable.

ciao Armando!

come va, mio amico? i am so sorry that i have not written sooner. i have no excuses. thank you again for an absolutely wonderful time. everyone loved you (who doesn’t?) and loved Rome, thanks to you and your great tours.
Alessandra and I are already planning our next trip to Rome and to see you. do you think that there is anything left for us to tour? i hope so because i cannot come to visit without seeing you at least once or twice!
maybe you can create an entirely new tour with some of Rome’s completely unknown sights!? think it over, i am sure that there is something that we must have missed.
i hope that all is well with you and your business and your family. do not work too hard, take time to enjoy the summer. i promise you that we will see you again, save time for me, even if it is just for a lunch or a dinner. i will keep sending you new clients unless you ask me not to. everyone that i send to you loves you also. you are the best, Armando!

take care of yourself.

Lisa Thomas
Salve Armando!
It’s Alessandra, Lisa Thomas’ daughter (the one who fell down the steps). I’ve been meaning to email you since we got back, to thank you again so very much for your excellent tours of Rome. You gave us great insight into a wonderfully complex city, and it was a pleasure spending time with you.

As I said, I hope to return to Rome this coming spring to study, and if I do I will email you again.

Grazie mille,

Ciao Armando!

Hello from a very, very hot NY. I hope that you are well. I would again like to thank you for a wonderful tour of Florence. I plan to return again next summer and we shall continue our walk! But this time, I will absolutely remember to bring my hat. And, maybe the taxis will work..:)

I gave your name to Biagio and Enrico,owners of the Residenza in Tuscany. I told them that you were a delightful person and also very honest.They will refer guests to you. I spent a wonderful 2 weeks in Italy. I did not want to return to America.

Best regards to you. Please stay in touch. Be safe and well.

Dear Armando,

How are you and how was your holiday?
Curt and I wanted to thank you for giving us such a wonderful perspective of your amazing city.
Rome is such an incredible place… we both said it was our favorite city that we visited while in Italy.
Thank you again for making our stay in Rome so special!

Ciao !

Jennifer & Curt
Dear Armando

Thank you once again for the very informative and enjoyable tour last Tuesday

We all agreed that the tour was the highlight of our visit

We enjoyed meeting you and thanks once again

Best wishes

Stephen Lopeman
Hello, Armando!

How are you? We hope all is well. We’re sorry that we only had a chance to send an e-mail now. We’ve been very busy. We had water damage in our home a few days after we arrived and by the time we recovered from that, it was the Christmas holidays, then all the rehearsals from J.J.’s performance with Opera Delaware.

Anyway, we really just want to thank you again for the wonderful time we had with you. We learned and did so much in those 2 days! You are a very knowledgeable and a very patient guide. We don’t think any other guide would have sat there with us waiting for the Pope in the pouring rain! It was also wonderful that you told just when to go towards the barricades so we can get a close glimpse of the Pope. That was one of the highlights of our trip.

Our boys still talk about our trip to Italy and we’ll definitely be back. We will contact you before we do.

Thanks again for the wonderful time you gave us! We hope to keep in touch. Please do the same.

Warmest Regards,
Mylene, Nandy, J.J. and Jalen
Dear Armando,

what a wonderful time we had with you. You truly brought Rome alive for us plus all the sites we saw outside the city. I will be recommending you to all our friends and telling them about the exciting times we had with you. I am going to recommend to them that they try to spend at least 4 days with you if possible so you can have the time to show them Rome without having to hurry but if they can’t I know you will show them the high lights. There is so much to see and enjoy. Your English is so good that I was able to understand everything you told Dawn and myself and therefore could enjoy the tours even more. Again let me say that in the 5 days we were with you that you became our friend and if you ever want to come visit us, our home is open to you and your family.

Jere and Dawn Hyland
Dear Armando

Thank you so much for your excellent guided tour of Florence and Pisa for myself, Brian, Lynda and Mike. Your patience about Mike’s restricted mobility and our problems with locating a successful cash machine was very much appreciated.

This is a very good deal for you cruise people who are reading this. We were collected promptly from Livorno port by Salvatore our courteous driver in a lovely Mercedes van (large people carrier that would hold 8 passengers!). Armando joined us at the Uffizi Gallery where he had pre-purchased our entry tickets in advance so that we did not have to queue like some independent travellers who would have waited up to 2 hours for tickets. It was lovely to be in a small group with exclusive attention from Armando so we could hear and see everything that was described for us, particularly as one of our party had a mobility disability. I would thoroughly recommend this organisation, and although we had to pay a deposit prior to booking – this made us feel that the booking was more secure. To top it all we saved more than £200 for 4 of us on the same tour provided by the cruise company.

Thanks again to Armando and Salvatore.

With Regards


Thank you for the wonderful tour of Rome. You provided us with a multitude of sights that I know we would not have been able to experience without your help. Even though we were able to only scratch the surface, I hope we can return some day and delve further into the interesting history of the area. Thanks for making our trip a memorable one.

Nancy Chernik

Many thanks to you for the fabulous tour of Ancient Rome. Our group of seven women from the USA found it to be a truly wonderful experience. We appreciated your in-depth knowledge, on-time arrival and genuine welcoming spirit . We were so glad you had the time to spare to enjoy lunch with us.

Additionally, we had a really terrific tour of the Vatican with Silvio. His enthusiasm and passion for art and history made it a memorable experience. His energy was infectious and our group was all revved up for the rest of the day.

Your expertise made my first-time visit to your wonderful country a memorable experience.

If my Trevi Fountain wishes come true, I will look forward to the next time we meet.

With much appreciation,

Terese Baltes
Hello Armando. I hope this email finds you well and looking forward to a fun holiday with your family.

I had been thinking about our trip to Italy and what a nice time we had on our two tours with you when it suddenly dawned on me that I had not really sent you a thank you note. We really had a wonderful time enjoying the sights and learning about Rome through all the information you provided. It is also nice to experience a new place through the eyes of resident. Thank you for sharing all of that with us. Thank you also for the photo I have attached. As it turns out, this is the only photo of the three of us from our entire European trip!

So, best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a new year filled with happiness, good health and hope…

Warmly, “Signora” Debra, Arnie and Kevin

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