My name is Armando, I am an expert of Italian art, history, archeology and culture, and I have been working as an official tour guide for over twenty years.
I am originally from Rome, I moved to Tuscany, Vinci a few years ago – birth place of the famous Leonardo da Vinci, 25 miles West of Florence -, and I am specialized in private tours of Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca, Vinci, all of Tuscany, and Rome.
I provide my guests a great summary of some twenty centuries of history most cities boasts, telling them about art and archaeology, past and present, local culture and every day life, and how all is inextricably combined.
I am not going to give you a lecture – unless you want to – I will be informative but I won’t overdo with too many dates and names, I will make your visit fun with anecdotes and legends: I know you are here on holiday and your holiday is meant to be relaxing and fun!
Whether it is your first visit, second or third time in Florence,Tuscany, Rome, I will be happy to create a customized itinerary based upon your interests to make you experience a unique, relaxing vacation. Ciao!

Armando Solipaca



Via di Sant’Amato 101, 50059, Vinci, Firenze, Italia

phone: +39 057156642

mobile: +39 3355212536


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