With this private tour we’ll tell you about the birth, growing and peak of the Roman Empire visiting the remains of the Forums built in ever lasting memory of the deeds of the Emperors who spread the domain of the Romans on most of the known world.
We’ll start with a visit to the Museum of the Imperial Forums, set in the ancient building of the Market of Trajan: one of the most interesting samples of civil architecture left in Ancient Rome.
We’ll then walk by the Forum of Cesar, first of the so called Imperial Forums built by Julius Caesar near the Forum Romanum in 46 BC. Next stop will be by the Forum of Augustus, built to house a temple honoring Mars it was inaugurated on 2 BC. We’ll then continue our walk to see the remains of the Temple of the Peace, built in 71 AD under Emperor Vespasian to commemorate his military victory over the Jewish People. Then we’ll talk about the Forum of Nerva built on 97 AD; and our last stop will be in the Forum of Trajan raised on 113 AD to commemorate the conquest of the Dacia Region, with its great Column: one of the masterpieces of Ancient Roman art.

Itinerary: Museum of the Imperial Forums, Markets of Trajan, Column of Trajan, Forum of Trajan, Forum of Caesar, Forum of Augustus, Forum of Nerva, Forum Pacis.

Duration: approx. 3 hours;
Meeting point: clients’ hotel in Rome;
Meeting time: 9.00 AM, or 2.00 PM;
Private guide: included;
Radio whispers (for groups larger than 3 people): included;
Entrance fees with priority access: included;
Transportation from hotel to Imperial Forums (taxi service; about 15 Euros total): not included.

The tour is private: for your party only!

No lines to get in to the sites!

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